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Unlimited IT Help Desk Support.

IT Help Desk Support for a low cost?

Help Desk IT Support assists the user with any questions and or problems related to computer systems and popular software. Consider us as the Go-To people with the answers. We answer your queries and address system and user issues in a timely and professional manner. IT Help Desk support is provided remotely during normal working hours Monday to Friday 9:00 am est to 6:00 pm est unless otherwise stated. Ekovista reserves the right to cancel the IT Help Desk support at anytime should we determine that a client is abusing the support service. Each user gets endpoint security cloud software and up to 100GB of cloud backup at no additional cost.

What is the cost?
The cost for each user is $75.00/mth
Use CODE HD100 for special pricing
Contact us if you have any questions.

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IT Support for all Businesses:

Popular Software

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird

Windows 7 - 11 O.S.

Google Suite (GMail, Drive, etc.)


One Drive

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