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In this world of growing specialization, where an over-abundance of service organizations pledge their ready support for your programs, one company stands out. We find a rare breed in Ekovista, a company that stands reliably by that pledge time and time again.

We are a thirty-five year old company that has entered the age of the computer successfully, with the help of the principals at Ekovista. From office networking, web hosting, e-mail, and even the selection of a computer and software system to support our business, Ekovista has been right-on. We've been using their knowledge and direction for the past ten years, and judging by such exemplary performance, we doubt we could find this type of commitment and support from any other company.

In a society where the meaning of the phrase "work ethic" is being drained daily from the English language, Ekovista personifies a renewed commitment and reliability to service that is necessary for success.

You're amazing you said what you do and you did what you said all within our deadline. We have many folks telling us that our site is easy to use and they love the look.

We would highy recommend you and your service.

Ekovista is one of the easiest companies to deal with. Extremly prompt and professional service. They also did a fabulous job in designing our logo. It is nice to know that someone will always be there to help and solve any issues that may arise.
What can we say more than UP TIME this is what we get From Ekovista .Our newspaper serves the Naples Florida area a lot of people read us on line . Last year when we had some really bad weather, we got the reports out from our local government to the people of our area what to do .

News went out fast to the people of our community. We had lots of hits on these days and their servers held up great...

Great hosting and services you can depend on.

Working together with Mike Shirley on designing a website for Biz to Biz Networking was a pleasure and a fun project. One of the most important things that I noticed working with Ekovista was the understanding what I wanted as the client and they were able to deliver this to me 100%.
I have been very pleased to have Ekovista as my Domain host. Everyone at Ekovista has helped me with every problem and question very quickly and proficiently. They have even helped me out with problems on weekends and believe it or not holidays. I hate calling on these times, but when you are running websites, your customers don’t care if it is a weekend or holiday. Their up time has been impeccable, even with the whole hurricane season last year they were up. I could not ask for a better host. Their prices are phenomenal for the service and dedication that they have. They help you out even when the fault is at your end and they don’t treat you with contempt because you have done something wrong or didn’t know that was the way it was supposed to be done. I would highly recommend giving them a try.
Ekovista.com has always gone beyond the scope of their contracted services to assist us in whatever issue we might have whether IT and/or web related. Their friendly and expeditious service should serve as an example to many companies today where SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE is becoming somewhat obsolete. We are extremely happy and satisfied with the service and attention that we get from Ekovista.com and feel that any entity seeking products and services that Ekovista can provide would be doing themselves a tremendous dis-service by not giving Ekovista an opportunity to address their needs.
For many reasons, I have put off doing a website for a few years, but recently realized that this is something I need to address. So I met with Mike from Ekovista and he walked me through the process. After just 2 weeks, my website is up & running.

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Mike and his staff were extremely helpful and courteous in getting our web store up and running - from inception to launch! Thorough job - there was no question or detail that was overlooked and responses were instantaneous. Ekovista was always on call and available to respond to any query - anytime. We are very happy and of even more importance is the excellent feedback that we received from potential customers with regards to the site layout and format.
I hired Ekovista to do Search Engine Optimization for my company's website and I've been very pleased with the results I have achieved. I met with the owner Mike Shirley, explained my business and website needs and he & his team designed an SEO program that drives traffic to my websites and also places me on the map. In addition Ekovista hosts my websites and does website maintenance and updates for me in a very timely manner.

I highly recommend Ekovista for SEO,website hosting, and all others matters related to bringing your business forward through increasing your internet presence.

Ekovista has done a great job in developing our website; www.netcaremedical.com Mike Shirley and the Ekovista team managed to deliver on time and within the agreed upon budget.

Netcare Medical endorses Ekovista!

I have been associated with Ekovista for over a number of years. They are very customer service orientated, and the service they offer has been very reliable. We are confident that they can deliver quality service to any organization if given the opportunity.

Thank you Ekovista for the excellent service!

I would like to thank you for your suggestions, guidance and efforts with respect to the website design and our website public launch. Upon a thorough due diligence process we chose ekovista.com, and in looking back on this endeavor I am so glad that we did! Your highest level of professionalism and consideration of your client is appreciated and refreshing. For these reasons I look forward to a long-term relationship with ekovista.com in continuous hosting, maintenance and promotion.
I am very pleased with the professionalism that the team at ekovista.com displayed. Not only did they stand by their word on deadlines they have been there for me every step of the way to a very quick and successfull web site launch.
"I have entrusted Mike with an overhaul of all our web and domain sites and have been very pleased with his work." He has Good Value, High Integrity and is Creative.
It is rare you find a company that lives by the standards that all companies claim as there mission statement, but Ekovista.com is one of those companies. I could say a lot of things about how these guys really care, and are always ready to help, but here it is in a nut shell “If you are a small or large company that could use a Internet Big guy on your side, these are the guys”. As a business owner I stand behind everything I say.