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Who Are We And What Do We Do?

Ekovista.com started as the Internet Consulting arm of an Information Technology Consulting Company. We have since then evolved into a web hosting, web design and internet consulting company. Ekovista.com has helped many companies whether startup, small, medium or large, to achieve a greater presence on the web. Founded in 1999, Ekovista.com is a privately held company located in Plantation, Florida. Our focus is to specialize in Internet Consulting, Web Design, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, Email Systems, Web Enabled Databases and designing Web Applications. Our focused attention to this market allows us to better serve our clients and their online ventures. Starting with young minds and new ideas, we are constantly developing new and dynamic Internet applications based on existing and new technologies.


Our Mission is to provide businesses with the tools and solutions with which to function in this digital marketplace. We provide this through our consulting services, turnkey hosting solutions, web design, database, application programming and email services. In today’s global marketplace, companies must compliment traditional business methods with an Internet presence to remain competitive. We have the experience you are looking for. Ekovista.com has seen many changes in the hosting and design world in various industries. Our experiences enables us to develop applications and tools to respond to these changes and to offer our customers high quality and comprehensive services.

Let Ekovista.com deliver your vision to the world.

Our Values

Ekovista's values define our culture and way of life. We work to integrate them into everything we do. We care about our clients and we make every effort to improve while we have fun.


Quality Web Hosting, Web Design, Marketing and I.T. services is our goal every day. We strive to provide the best to our clients.


We know that performance matters and Ekovista makes every effort to live up to providing our services with the best performing and reliable service.


We make every effort to stand behind our uptime Guarantee by making sure your sites are always up.


Ekovista.com provides many features from the business owner to the individual from Web Hosting to digital marketing.


We believe in a good pricing model for product and service and our prices do reflect this value.


Security is always at the forefront of everything that we do. Ekovista.com takes security very seriouisly and maintains a high level of secured servers.

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